Por qué comprar packs variados de cápsulas Nespresso

¡Los paquetes de variedad de cápsulas Nespresso son una forma conveniente de comprar una variedad de sabores diferentes y ahorrar dinero!
Por qué comprar packs variados de cápsulas Nespresso

More and more people are purchasing Cafeteras Nespresso for their homes, but this means families are finding themselves with a large appliance on their work surface that only makes coffee. 


Variety packs are becoming increasingly popular, causing many people to ask 'why buy Nespresso pod variety packs?'. The quick answer is they can cater to the whole families needs.


Plus, with a wide range of new Nespresso compatible pods and Nespresso pod flavours, the choice is getting even harder to just choose individual Nespresso pod flavours.


Before we dive more in depth into why buy Nespresso pod variety packs, there are some common questions around Nespresso machines that we've answered.


What is the difference between lungo and espresso Nespresso?

If you're not an avid drinker of coffee or haven't owned a Nespresso machiene before, you may be wondering what is the difference between lungo and espresso - Nespresso. 


The espresso button has the smaller cup image on it. This pours one shot from a Nespresso coffee pod and this gives a more intense flavour. 


The lungo button is the larger cup and pours a double shot from a Nespresso compatible pod. This is usually a less intense flavour as there is more water to weaken. 


However, the lungo option is more commonly used for lattes as it means the ratio of coffee to milk is higher. 

What is the difference between lungo and espresso Nespresso?


How do I choose a Nespresso capsule? 

With the increase demand in Nespresso machines has come an increase in the demand for Nespresso compatible capsules.

This has caused more and more different companies to make their own Nespresso compatible pods and meant the choice of Nespresso pods has become so vast it can be hard to know which nespresso capsules to choose.

So, I'm sure you are wondering, 'how do I choose a Nespresso capsule?'.


Firstly, and most importantly, you need to make sure you are buying the correct size/style pod for your Nespresso machine.

Not only can you get 2 different Nespresso pods (Vertuo and Original), but you can also buy coffee pods for other machines such as dolce gusto. 


Next to choose is the flavour of the pods you want. Not only can you get a range of different flavours from Nespresso pods but other companies that make Nespresso compatible capsules will also have different coffee types and flavours.

Mucha gente ama Starbucks and so would enjoy the starbucks nespresso variety pack. However, it is all personal preference so you may need to try out a few different Nespresso pod flavours before you know the ones you like.


You also need to decide if you want your coffee caffeinated or not. There are many benefits to drinking decaf coffee, however you should pick a coffee that has been decaffeinated by the Swiss water method , as this is the best process for your health and the environment due to the fact no chemicals are used in the process. 


Which Nespresso capsule you choose can be affected by the pod and not just the filling. For example all of rejuvenation water's Nespresso compatible pods are compostable and will decompose in 6 months if they end up in landfill.

Where as Nespresso's pods are made from aluminium which will take years to break down.


How do I choose a Nespresso capsule?


¿Existen 2 tipos de cápsulas Nespresso?  

As mentioned before, to answer the question 'are there 2 types of Nespresso pods?', the answer is yes - vertuo and original. 


The Vertuo pods are the newest design from Nespresso and so are patented. This means only Nespresso can make them and why our Cápsulas de café cetogénicas compatibles con Nespresso and matcha pods have to be in the original design. 


You can tell the vertuo pods from the original pods a they are much larger and are more domed in shape. Where as, the original design is much smaller and more coned shaped. 


Por qué comprar packs variados de cápsulas Nespresso

So why buy Nespresso pod variety packs and not just individual flavours?


There are many benefits to buying Nespresso pod variety packs, not only does it mean you can have an assortment of different Nespresso pod flavours that suit all the family but you can also have different beverages. 


At rejuvenation water, our matcha, coffee and decaf bundle means you can enjoy and try all three products from our range.


Our Nespresso compatible keto coffee pods are a quick and easy way for people who follow the keto diet to get some extra fat in and make a bulletproof coffee. However, even if you don't follow the keto diet, then adding aceite MCT to your diet still has many heath benefits. 


If you love the great taste of our cápsulas de café keto and benefits of MCT oil but want to avoid the caffeine, then you can enjoy our Cápsulas de café keto descafeinadas compatibles con Nespresso también.

Usamos la Swiss water method to decaffeinate the 100% Arabica Honduran coffee beans in our Nespresso capsules, as we feel this is the best method as there are no chemicals and solvents used. Making them better for your health and the environment. 


Finally, the third part of our Nespresso pod variety pack is the Nespresso matcha pods. Using our matcha Nespresso pods are a great Alternativa a la cápsula Nespresso and means you can use your Nespresso machine for more than just coffee. Plus if you're a fan of matcha, our nespresso compatible matcha pods can save you loads of time in the morning.

No more whisking and washing up to do, simply pop the matcha Nespresso capsule in your Nespresso machine and enjoy a frothy green matcha made in seconds. 


Besides the variety that a Nespresso pods multipack provides, it can actually save you money too. Buying the different Nespresso pod flavours individually will be much more expensive.  At rejuvenation water, buying a bundle of 100 pods can save you up to 50% compared to buying individual boxes of 10 pods. 



Por Alex Warmisham ANutr - Nutricionista en Rejuvenation Water  






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